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What is a Christian addiction treatment center? How do these programs cater to Christians and addiction problems? At the Christian Addiction Network, we strive to provide both a unique and effective treatment experience for people suffering from all sorts of substance abuse and addiction problems. Our rehabilitation network consists of top treatment specialists throughout the nation.

We take pride in helping people from all walks of faith find their path back to a clean and sober life. Through our unique approach to addictions and the methods required to treat these problems, we offer you an approach which is unparalleled to any other program available. We have resources in alcohol and drug treatment, we work exclusively with Christian interventionists and have countless other services to offer.

When you call C.A.N, we will listen to your story and put you directly in touch with everything you need to get back on track to a better life. Whether you need to become sober from alcohol or require drug treatment, we can help. If you are searching for Christian treatment options or information for a person you love, look no further because we offer these services.

Addictions can wreak havoc on anyone’s life. Suffering from an addiction problem carries with it a life sentence, until a person chooses to do something different. When you are desperate for help in finding treatment for your problem, then call us today and let us be there for you.

Christian Addiction Network


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Christian Intervention Specialist

There is no worse suffering for a Christian than to fall short of God’s glory and to be removed from his love. The cold reality of addiction is that when it happens, a person will fall away from God and forsake everything but drugs and alcohol. As a family member of someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we know you want to do everything you can to help the person.

For many, being addicted to drugs and alcohol means being removed from God’s healing power, his grace and mercy. Due to the negative cycle of addiction problems, it might seem like there is no way out. However, at a time of utter desperation a family can call on us and we will find provide a Christian intervention specialist to help reach the addicted person and convince them of the need for treatment.

When hosting a Christian intervention, working with Christian Addiction Network can help you by providing the best Christian interventionist possible. Christian interventions are a strong push towards God and are very effective at getting the addicted person to accept the need for treatment and to get reconnected with their faith. Though you may believe our program caters directly cater to those of faith, we have been instrumental in helping people from all faiths or those who do not prescribe to any belief system at all.

Medical Detoxification for Drugs and Alcohol

Before going through a treatment program, many addicted people must undergo the detox process. Detoxification is done under medical supervision and takes. We provide you with the top rated drug and alcohol detoxification programs throughout the state of California. Our caring professionals will determine exactly what you need and give you the help you require to become clean and sober.

Medical detoxification will safely manage the acute physical withdrawal symptoms a person will endure once they stop using drugs or drinking alcohol. A detox program has medical professionals that may incorporate the use of prescription medications to help make the process easier on the person. The treatment team a person is assigned will monitor an individual throughout the detox experience and make sure it is safe and comfortable.

We want you to understand detoxification is in no way similar to rehab. Detox programs specialize in treating the physical side of addictions only, while rehab takes care of the rest. If you are interested in more information about our drug and alcohol detox programs then calling C.A.N. will prove to be beneficial and helpful.

Christian Rehabilitation Program

There are many things offered at a Christian rehabilitation program which you won’t find at a typical treatment program. Calling us will put you directly in touch with the best faith-based rehab program available to help you overcome your drug and alcohol problems. We know how difficult your battle can be and this is why we are dedicated and devoted to helping you win this fight.

People think faith-based or Christian addiction treatment programs strictly cater to Christians, but this is inaccurate. Our Christian-based rehab programs are accepting and welcoming to people from all walks of faith and those who do not follow any belief or religion. Part of being a Christian is to love our neighbor as ourselves and to never judge, so this is what you can expect when you call us.

Our Christian rehab programs offer faith-based services for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Our programs offer the latest innovations in the world of addiction recovery. Faith-based rehabilitation programs offer spiritual reconnection and compassionate support from the very first day and continue long after treatment concludes. If you want more information about Christian addiction treatment then calling us will provide you with all the answers you desire.

Christian Aftercare Program

At the Christian Addiction Network, we offer a helping hand to everyone in need of treatment for any type of addiction program. Not only do we have experience working with people dealing with all types of addiction, we also have personal experiences with these types of issues ourselves. Many people we employ have been directly hurt and affected by addiction problems, which is why we take what we do seriously.

Our Christian rehabilitation programs help someone beyond treatment by offering an extensive aftercare program. We have faith-based programs that will help you become clean and sober. In addition, our addiction treatment programs will offer you everything you need in an aftercare program so you can remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol and have the life you long for.